When it comes to skincare there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" routine!

Updated: May 15

A one size fits all would mean that our skins biological compositions are identical. And as true as no two DNA are the same, so is the skin.

In the skincare industry we categorise skin to make sense of things. We use words like dry, oily, normal and combination to make more sense of which product will be suited to individuals. But what we fail to articulate is the in these categories there are subcategorise; and under the subcategories there are more categories.

Let me explain. Let’s take me for example, I have dry skin so I will fall under the dry skin category, but my skin is not so dry that if I don’t moisturise it feels like its going to crack. Yet in the dry skin category there are people who, if they don’t moisturise their skin, looks ashy and feels painful. They will fall under the dry skin category but on the extreme end.

As you grow you could move from dry to oily to combination to normal skin. There are many elements that affect this change. Diet, climate, genetics, and general health. So, knowing your skin type is much like maintaining your weight. At age 15 may have been able to eat all day, every day and not gain weight and now at age 35 the smell of food makes you gain weight.

The quest to find your skin type is a process that is never ending. Ask any pregnant woman or someone who is going through menopause. Everything was great with their skincare routine and suddenly, things changed overnight. What worked last week may not seem to work this week.

The Tmolyn skincare range is targeted at those who fall under the dry skin category. In our clinical testing we have found that those with normal to combination skin have seem the same benefits from using our product. So next time you are feeling a little on the dry side and your current regime is not doing the trick. Give us a try.

Always where you best skin.


Carol T. Keshy


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