Phuza Face | How to avoid it and if you already have it what to do about it.

Most of us are familiar with the term Phuza face. For these do not know what is will it is a term use to refer toa person skin where the skin is showing signs of damage and premature aging due to drinking alcohol. So Phuza mean to drink but in this case, you’re not just drinking anything but you are drinking alcohol.

The problem with your favourite poison is that it dehydrates the skin. Alcohol affect any mucous membrane in your body, from your liver to the skin. The alcohol sucks the water out of your skin and over time this give you a dull, aged wrinkled face that could make you look 10 years older than your actual age.

Just as you think dull and wrinkled and looking 10 years older was all you would have deal with; the Inflammation sets in. If you have been around someone who is having a mild allergic reaction this is what happens to your skin when you drink. Alcohol causes an histamine reaction that creates redness and swelling of the skin these can be mild but over time you skin start looking bumpy like you have not slept even after a good night’s rest. With continues drinking dull, wrinkled, aged and swollen face could be your daily life.

But fret not you can bounce back from this sad situation.

  1. Stop drinking. Fortunately, the skin like most organs is intelligent enough to regenerate however this will also depend of on the amount of damage you have done. Once you have destroyed the collagen its hard to come back fully.

  2. If you must drink (SMH) do it in moderation. Daily drinking could also be sign of other issues. You know like an alcohol problem!

  3. Stay hydrated. Drink water before, during and after and always.

  4. Moisturise your skin to avoid dryness and to reduce that dull looking skin. And if you do not know where to start try our Replenishing Night Cream. It will reduce the inflammation replenish your skin from the outside.

Wear your best skin always

Carol T Keshy

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