Updated: Mar 21, 2020

AS the Covat-19 (AKA Corona) virus continues to cause havoc, there has never been a time where hygiene not just for yourself but those around has been important.

As the experts in the field have advised:

Wash your hands with soap for a about 20 seconds. This is about the time it take to sing the happy birthday so twice OR you can sing “love on top” chorus by Beyoncé. That is how I keep myself entertained in that 20 seconds.

Just because you are now washing your hands more than ever before don’t forget to moisturise. BUT don’t be dunking your fingers in other people’ moisturises or asking for hand lotion get you own and be just a tad selfish and don’t share.

You don’t want to wash your hands off; of the virus just to pick it up again for someone else’ lotion or lotion tub.

Stay safe, Take care

Tetsoane Carol Keshy

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