Hormonal Acne

It’s that time of the month and like clockwork you are breaking out and its always seems to happen on the lower part of your skin. You could be suffering from hormonal acne. I guess the next question would be what is the difference between hormonal acne is and good old fashioned pimples.

The answer is quite simple. Hormonal acne is when there is a fluctuation in the estragon and progesterone fluctuate; which could vary widely as you start you menstrual cycle.

Now that the biology lesson is out of the way how do you know that you are suffering from hormonal acne?

You are no longer a teenager

Your pimples pop up around your chin and jawline.

Your breakouts occur once a month

You’re seriously stressed

You’re dealing with painful cysts and not blackheads or whiteheads.

How to deal?

The are many over the counter remedies you could try or even pay a visit to your dermatologist. If you are looking for an effective 100% natural way to deal with these follow these easy steps:

Stop touching your face.

Don’t scratch and pop.

Use the Tmolyn 2 in one cleanser.

Our night cream has calming anti-inflammatory properties that work while you sleep.

Wishing you better “that time of month”


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