CEO & Founder of Tmolyn Skincare

Tetsoane Carol Keshy

The TMOLYN Story

CEO & Founder of Tmolyn Skincare started Tmolyn in an attempt to help her daughter who suffers from contact dermatitis brought on by the soaps and lotions.


"I started making my own soaps using deferent ingredients that contained less irritancy to the skin.

I studied with Formula Botanica and holds a diploma in Organic Skincare Formulations. This is where I learned how use the power of mother nature to treat common skin conditions like hyper-pigmentation what you would call dark spots, dry skin and how to get the best out of oily skin.''

We only use natural and organic ingredients in our formulations to give you the best of mother nature. I pride myself in knowing that my formulations will protect, restore, preserve and provide ample nutrition to the skin you were born in. Giving you the confidence to know that your skin is perfect in any shade and it’s not a mistake that you have the skin you do.


To me skincare is not just about Tzones or how much oil your skin produces, it’s about the confidence knowing that wearing makeup is a choice, the ability to leave the house without putting your face on, the freedom give hugs without transference and aging right,  I believe that the higher power did not make a mistake in creating you the way you are, and that your uniqueness should be boldly represented and not hidden beneath artificial foundations.

My wish for you is to always wear your best skin, for the next 100 years. 


Love T Keshy


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